Still unsure about whether you want to run for office or whether you need training to do so? Check out the experiences of some of the women who have been through our Political Development Series and how it helped them in their campaigns.

Suzanne Harrison

I will never forget the first time I heard Pat Jones talk about the benefits of running for office regardless of the outcome of the election.  At the first session of the Political Development Series by the Women’s Leadership Institute, she told us about her granddaughter delivering the commencement speech at her High School Graduation — after the graduation the granddaughter told Pat that she developed courage by growing up knocking on doors for her grandma’s political campaigns.  I have found the same to be true.  Someone recently asked my daughter what she learned by her mom running for office, and without hesitation she said, “It has made me more confident.” Running for office has been one of the best things we have ever done as a family, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The Political Development Series will inspire you and give you the courage and tools to run for office.  There is something wonderful about being in a room full of smart, engaged women from a variety of political backgrounds all interested in making our state better.  The speakers were informative and dynamic, and the women I met were truly amazing.  I especially enjoyed the session on the nuts and bolts of running for office, and the panel discussions with women serving in various elected offices.  I highly recommend this series to anyone interested in running for office or just being more involved with policy decisions in Utah.  Sign up — we need you!

Lisa Bagley

The Political Development Series facilitated by the Women’s Leadership Institute, was instrumental in my decision to run for Millcreek City Council in 2016.

The PDS gave me the tools I needed to run for office.  For example, the funding raising section was one of the critical elements I needed to run my campaign.  I learned how to ask for donations, and people gave generously.

When I came in third in my district in the primaries, I decided to support my opponent, Bev Uipi, for the general election.  I supported Bev because we have a similar vision for the future of Millcreek City, and her values align with mine.  Bev and I actually met at the PDS, and that is where we discovered we would be running against each other for Millcreek City council.

Not only did the Political Development Series teach me the skills and knowledge I needed to run for office, the PDS also gave me the tools and courage to run.  I am grateful for the WLI, and the wonderful women cohorts I met and connected with!

“I was just thinking about how much the political development series helped me make the decision to run and then overcome some of the self-doubt that tends to plague us as women in the public arena. Your efforts made a significant difference for me and I’m sure for many others.”

-Kelleen Potter, Heber City Mayoral Candidate

“I loved participating in the Political Development Series. To me, it was a monthly dose of can-do and candor that I looked forward to every time. The other ladies inspired me and I feel more prepared to grow my political wings. Thank you WLI for providing this empowering opportunity!”

-Jewel Allen, Grantsville City Council Member

Women Make a Difference in Public Policy!