We are the official Charity Sponsor of the LPGA’s Epson Tour Copper Rock Championship 

– the only LPGA tournament in Utah.

Why does The Women’s Leadership Institute participate in the LPGA?

Improve the Leadership Pipeline for Women:

We seek to improve the leadership pipeline for women. Part of improving the pipeline is improving women’s access and participation in informal networks. Golf is one of those informal networks where business gets done outside of work.

Networks provide access to ideas, resources, support, role models and human connection — and working women need all of those things, stat…The alarmingly high-stress and quit rates among female employees threaten leadership pipelines, innovation, talent benches, DEI initiatives, employee value propositions, and profitability. Networks can reduce those risks — and improve women’s wellbeing at work and at home.” –Gallup.com

Bringing awareness to the pay gap disparities for women:

60 women will compete in the Epson Golf tournament for a purse of $200,000.

60 men will compete in the Korn Ferry Tour Tournament (Men’s event on same level tour) for a purse of  $1.07 million.

That is a significant pay gap.


3. Support LPGA women, both in Utah and Internationally:
  • *  There are only 21 Epson Tour tournaments across the United States. We are proud to be in that elite group supporting women golfers
  • The LPGA Epson Tour players represent forty countries.
  • *  It takes a lot of volunteers to host this event. Our volunteer team has grown from 115 in year 1 to over 425 in 2023! 

Player Success Story

Tess Hackworthy was an Epson Player last year and did not qualify to compete in the 2022 Copper Rock Championship. She was in the top 10 of the alternates list, so she went ahead and traveled to Utah, open to the possibility of playing.

A qualifying player withdrew the night before the tournament, and Tess became eligible to play. Tess phoned her dad, who always caddies for her. He lived in the Midwest and had to find a flight to Utah. Tess teed off the next day without her dad and carried her bag for the first 12 holes. Her dad arrived at Copper Rock as Tess was headed to the 13th hole and finished the round carrying her bag.  

The next morning, they started together.  When Tess reached the 4th hole, she hit a phenomenal shot and watched as the ball rolled across the green and into the cup!  Tess made the first ever hole-in-one at the Copper Rock Championship, and her dad got to be by her side! 

Come Join Us At Activities Throughout The Week

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 Luncheon

"Work of Play: The Impact of Informal Networks on Women's Promotion"

11:30 am to 2 pm
Tickets are $25

Keynote and panelists discuss the importance of having fun and building networks.

Friday, April 28, 2023 Classic Rock Concert

Join us on the 11th hole for a Friday night Classic Rock Concert with the Galling Stones Band.

7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Tickets are $20.

April 27-29 Tournament

Want to attend the LPGA Tournament? WLI has some free passes available. Email us for more details.

Want to Volunteer?

WLI is looking for volunteers to help with our luncheon. Are you available? Click to email us.