The Women’s Leadership Institute elevates the stature of women’s leadership by improving society’s understanding of the value of diversity in leadership roles, training women in leadership skills and conveying the positive impact women leaders have on economic development, vitality and the overall health of the state of Utah.

What Makes Us Unique

  1. We are business led
  2. We see men as allies and advocates
  3. Our tone is proactive and positive – we’re not about quotas, we’re about making a difference
  4. Our signature ElevateHER Challenge

Economic and Quality of Life Benefits

Elevating the stature of women’s leadership boosts the vitality of businesses and enhances our quality of life.


Utah is #1 in many measures, but our state will fall behind if we fail to meet the growing demand for diversity by utilizing the full capacity of women.


Elevating the stature of women’s leadership requires men and women actively engaged in the advancement of women, and women willing to step into leadership roles.

Vision for the Future

Young women need advocates who cultivate space for them and mentors who sustain their advancement. Young women need to SEE what they can BE.