ElevateHER™ Corporate Challenge

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What is the ElevateHER™ Challenge?

Choosing to accept the ElevateHER™ Challenge means an organization pledges to elevate the stature of women’s leadership.  Each organization may adapt its own policies within its unique structure to meet the commitments.

WLI suggests focusing on each of the following areas in order to reap the full benefit of enhancing women’s leadership:

1. Increase the percentage of women in senior leadership positions.

Ensure that women are included in the candidate pool for senior-level positions. Understand and communicate the value of women leaders to the success of the organization. Encourage women to apply for senior leadership positions.

2. Increase the retention rate of women at all levels of your organization.

Assess outmigration among women. Provide opportunities for women to help design and implement development programs that incentivize women to remain with the company.

3. Increase the number of women on your organization's Board of Directors and encourage women to serve on community and corporate boards.

Ensure that women are included in the candidate pool when openings occur on corporate boards and support leadership training opportunities for corporate board development. Encourage involvement in your industry by serving on community and corporate boards.

4. Monitor pay by gender and close identified gaps.

Assess salary gaps within the organization.  Develop a plan to close identified gaps and monitor progress.

5. Establish or enhance a leadership development, mentoring and/or sponsorship programs for women.

Evaluate current leadership development and mentoring programs available to women in the organization, or implement such programs and track increases in female employee participation.

6. Urge women to run for public office and give follow-up support.

Communicate to employees the value and importance of gender diversity in creating public policy that affects business, communities and families.  Recruit women to run for public office.  Support women who file for public office by offering financial support and/or campaign structural support.

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