Political Development Series: Apply Now

With the Utah Legislature now in interim, it’s a great time to think about becoming politically involved.

Leadership Series

For the past few months, the Women’s Leadership Institute asked UVU students who they looked up to as a leader. These Millennials and Gen Z choose a variety of people to feature from politicians to entertainers. 

Statewide Program Expansion

We are bringing our leadership cohorts to your communities. We will continue to host a cohort along the Wasatch Front, while expanding our offerings to rural Utah through partnerships with local chambers.

Is it time for you to step into your leadership?

Our Mission

WLI seeks to build a leadership pipeline for women in business and in politics through education and engagement.

We are a business-led not-for-profit organization and engage Utah business leaders to help them elevate the stature of women in business and board rooms through our ElevateHER™ Challenge, Political Development Series, Career Development Series, and Rising Leader Series

Elevating Women. Inspiring Change.

Companies Taking the Challenge and Commit to Elevating Women

Women Trained in Leadership Skills through Our Development Programs

ElevateHER™ Challenge

We help organizations elevate women in business and boardrooms. The ElevateHER™ Challenge is nonprescriptive and research-based to initiate improvement in your company.


Career Development Series

Our annual Career Development Series helps women level up their leadership and better lead their teams.


Political Development Series

Our nonpartisan Political Development Series prepares and develops future female political candidates for local and state-wide offices.


Rising leader Series

This new program starts March 2023 and is aimed at helping women confidently step up as leaders and build leadership pipelines.


“Walker Edison has always been a workplace that values the voices of everyone and sought out opportunities to advocate for women. The ElevateHER challenge has helped give our organization structure in relation to our goals advocating and promoting women in leadership. In conjunction with our internal efforts and our Women of Walker Edison group, this challenge has been a great benefit to us this past year to help our initiatives really take off!”

-Matt Davis, Chief Operating Officer, Walker Edison

We Are Business-Led

  • 501(c)3 Non-profit started in 2015 by key business leaders
  • Home of the ElevateHER Company Challenge
  • Work with hundreds of companies in the Challenge, committing them to elevate women in their organization
  • Present to company executives on the value of gender diversity

We Are Heart-Centered

  • Positive and inclusive solutions
  • Invite men to be allies for and with women
  • Encourage difficult conversations that positively impact culture
  • Realize the generational impact of our work
  • Develop programs to build leadership skills in women

“I’ve now had the privilege of participating in both the Political Development Series and the Career Development Series. I’m so grateful for what WLI stands for and how it is collectively and individually empowering women in Utah. I know WLI is a force for good for all those who participate, whether as speakers or students or male or female.  I think a lot of this positive impact comes from the way you lead WLI. It is clear to me that it is a labor of love. I think of the hundreds of women who are positively impacted each year, and who, like me, felt welcome and supported. Women are incredible but too many face feelings of self doubt and external barriers to success. Thank you for what WLI is doing to correct that.   

-Nicole Omer, WLI Alumni

Michelle Obama

Leadership Series: A Student's Perspective                  A leader I admire is Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States. Michelle grew up in a blue-collar home in Chicago and went to Princeton for her...

Senator Maize Hirono

Senator Hirono was born in Japan and moved to the United States at eight with her mother and brother. Upon coming here, they often struggled and lived in poverty (Mickey et al., 2022). Senator Hirono overcame many challenges, and on January 3, 2013, she became the...

2023 Diversity and Inclusion Cultural Calendar

What is a Cultural Calendar? A cultural calendar, or a diversity and inclusion calendar, is an essential tool for knowing the historical, cultural, and religious events of diverse groups. It provides annual dates and information for commemorations, celebrations,...

How to start an Employee Resource Group

“After several decades, ERGs are still an effective strategy to help all employees feel a sense of equity and belonging at their workplace. The most effective employee resource group programs often have a few attributes in common” –ForbesEmployee resource groups are a...

A. Scott Anderson and over 60 organizations honored for exceptional commitment to promote and elevate women in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (October 14, 2022) — Yesterday the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) honored A. Scott Anderson, President and CEO, Zions Bank, with the inaugural Women’s Leadership Institute A. Scott Anderson Ally Award, also naming the award after him.  Anderson was...

Money for your Return-to-Work Program: Talent Ready Utah announces the Return-To-Work Grant Request for Proposals

Talent Ready Utah has announced the Return-To-Work Grant Request for Proposals. During the 2022 legislative session, the Utah State Legislature authorized a grant program for business entities, through HB 333, to offer innovative return-to-work programs for employees...

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