Elevating Women. Inspiring Change.

Through education and engagement, WLI seeks to build a 

leadership pipeline for women in business and in politics.



Our Mission

It is our mission to elevate the stature of women’s leadership in Utah by improving society’s understanding of the value of diversity in leadership roles, training women in leadership skills, and conveying the positive impact female leaders have on economic development, vitality, and the overall health of the state.

We are a business-led not-for-profit organization and engage Utah business leaders to help them elevate the stature of women in business and board rooms through our annual ElevateHER™ Challenge, Political Development Series, and Career Development Series.  

Companies Taking the Challenge to Commit to Elevating Women

Women Trained in Leadership Skills through Our Development Programs

ElevateHER™ Challenge

We help organizations elevate women in business and boardrooms. The ElevateHER™ Challenge is nonprescriptive and research-based to initiate improvement in your company.


Career Development Series

Our annual Career Development Series helps women improve their career trajectory and gain skills to up-level their careers.


Political Development Series

Our nonpartisan Political Development Series prepares and develops future female political candidates for local and state-wide offices.


“Walker Edison has always been a workplace that values the voices of everyone and sought out opportunities to advocate for women. The ElevateHER challenge has helped give our organization structure in relation to our goals advocating and promoting women in leadership. In conjunction with our internal efforts and our Women of Walker Edison group, this challenge has been a great benefit to us this past year to help our initiatives really take off!”    – Matt Davis, Chief Operating Officer, Walker Edison

We are Business-Led


  • Create the ElevateHER Company Challenge
  • Enroll hundreds of companies in the Challenge, committing them to elevate their organization by elevating women
  • Present to company executives the value of gender diversity
  • 501c3 Non-profit started in 2015

We are People-Centered


  • Positive and inclusive solutions
  • Invite men to be allies for and with women
  • Encourage difficult conversations that positively impact culture
  • Realize the generational impact of our work
  • Develop programs to build leadership skills in women

I’ve now had the privilege of participating in both the Political Development Series and the Career Development Series.  I’m so grateful for what WLI stands for and how it is collectively and individually empowering women in Utah. I know WLI is a force for good for all those who participate, whether as speakers or students or male or female.  I think a lot of this positive impact comes from the way you lead WLI.  It is clear to me that it is a labor of love. I think of the hundreds of women who are positively impacted each year, and who, like me, felt welcome and supported. Women are incredible but too many face feelings of self doubt and external barriers to success. Thank you for what WLI is doing to correct that.   – Nicole Omer, WLI Alumni

How to Start Implementing the ElevateHER Challenge in Your Company

“I believe diversity is a business imperative and a moral imperative. There are very specific business reasons why we needed to have a diversity initiative. [Workfront] had a lot of headwinds, but I believe you sit down and treat [diversity] like any other business...

Want a promotion? Start practicing self-care.

Self-care may seem counterintuitive while discussing career growth. However, the connection is real. Forbes, featured this topic with author Amy Blaschka, stating, “Living in a world of “always on” culture can wreak havoc on you physically, emotionally, and...

Celebrating Utah Companies Championing Working Mothers

Childcare for working mothers has been a pain point for a long time and some women are at a breaking point. Especially with the variables of the pandemic, this particular concern has been upended for many workers and is affecting them in a variety of ways. One of...

Pandemic Pain Points for Women

At WLI, we watch the trends in regards to women in the workforce. We are paying particular attention to the research surfacing about the intersection of working women and the pandemic. The pandemic uncovered a pain point that women, particularly working mothers, have...

Two Main Shifts Happening in the Current Business Landscape

There is a shift occurring in the current business landscape. In a recent zoom conversation hosted by the Women’s Leadership Institute, Coco Brown of the Athena Alliance discussed this shifting landscape.  Consumers Are Driving the Social Impact of Business Consumers...

Southern Utah Business Luncheon

In conjunction with the LPGA Symetra Tour’s Copper Rock Championship, WLI held a Business Summit in Southern Utah at the Tuacahn Center for the Arts. More than 100 (socially distanced) people joined us as we discussed the important of gender diversity in business and...

WLI Promotes International Women’s Day 2021

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day -  a worldwide day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This year’s theme is “Choose to Challenge.” It’s also an opportunity to mark a call to action for accelerating women’s...

Boosting women in leadership boosts the bottomline in business.

Join more than 250 companies who have taken the ElevateHER™ Challenge.