Celebrating our 10th anniversary


Established in 2015, our mission is to elevate the stature and

status of women throughout state of Utah.

Companies implementing our research-based principles have

saved millions of dollars in their hiring, retaining and

promoting processes.

Women engaging with us have been promoted into management and senior levels, and have been elected to the state legislature and served as community leaders.

And we are just getting started.

Interested in joining our efforts?

We’d love to you join us. Consider taking the ElevateHER Corporate Challenge or enrolling in our Leadership Development Series. Also, as a 501(c)(3) we accept and appreciate individual and corporate donations and sponsorships. To learn more please contact us at hello@wliut.com.

Every year at our ElevateHER™ Award Luncheon, we celebrate the latest companies to commit to elevating women in their businesses.

These are representatives from the companies we celebrated this year. 

In addition to celebrating corporations, we also train and celebrate individuals in our leadership development cohorts:

Political Development Series

Rising Leader Series

Career Development Series

ElevateHER™ Challenge

 Research-based, nonprescriptive corporate challenge focuses on implementing  positive organizational change. 


Career Development Series

Cohort style learning with monthly sessions led by industry experts. Women learn to level up their leadership and apply what they learn with their teams and coworkers.


Political Development Series

Nonpartisan, interactive monthly sessions  empower women to  have a political voice and to create meaningful change within their homes, communities and state. 


Rising leader Series

Intimate, dynamic gathering of women looking to lean into their next step in leadership. Designed to be hands on, these monthly cohorts focus on building and practicing leadership skills.


Boosting women in leadership boosts the bottomline in business.

ElevateHER Companies have saved millions of dollars by implenting our research-based practices of gender diversity.  Are you ready to implement the change?