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Since 2015

Our Mission is to Elevate the Stature and Talents of Women

We are a business-led not-for-profit and engage Utah business leaders to help them elevate the stature of women in business and board rooms through our annual ElevateHER™ Challenge, Political Development Series, and Career Development Series.

We believe men are essential allies in the advancement of women.

We convey the positive impact female leaders have on economic development, vitality, and the overall health of Utah.

What We Do

ElevateHER™ Challenge

We help organizations elevate women in business and boardrooms. The ElevateHER™ Challenge is nonprescriptive and research-based to initiate improvement in your company.


Career Development Series

Our annual Career Development Series helps women improve their career trajectory and gain skills to up-level their careers.


Political Development Series

Our nonpartisan Political Development Series prepares and develops future female political candidates for local and state-wide offices.


Boosting women in leadership boosts the bottomline in business.

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