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Elevating Companies

Regardless of the industry or size of the company, WLI seeks to help companies create more gender-friendly work environments.
Over 300 CEOs statewide have committed the WLI’s ElevateHER Challenge and engaging their companies on these six principles:
  • ✔️  Increase the percentage of women in senior leadership
  • ✔️  Increase retention rate for women
  • ✔️  Increase the number of women on community and corporate boards
  • ✔️ Monitor pay by gender
  • ✔️ Establish or enhance mentoring and sponsorship programs for women
  • ✔️ Increase the number of women in public office.
The Women's Leadership Institute actively engages corporate leaders because they are the decision makers and can shift entire company cultures. We recently asked five leaders in our community to share how taking the ElevateHER Challenge has impacted them and their businesses.

 WLI is one of the only women-led organizations focused on engaging corporate male leadership to actively shift entire company cultures.

We help companies understand the value of gender diversity and commit them to implementing change.


Utah Companies with a Male CEO


Utah Companies with a Female CEO

Elevating Individuals

Almost 600 women have participated in our leadership development programs.
Through a broad range of experts and cohort-style engagement, our hands-on programs teach practical leadership skills and strategies to prepare women to be leaders in their communities and workplaces.

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