Answers to common questions about the ElevateHER™ Challenge.

What do I get when I join the ElevateHER™Challenge?

Every company that officially takes the ElevateHER Challenge — by submitting a commitment form at not cost — will be listed on WLIUT.com and have access to an exclusive resource section of this website, which will continually be updated with the latest toolkits, videos, market research, and helpful ideas on implementing the ElevateHER Challenge your way.

In addition, your company will receive an official ElevateHER Challenge medal at our next luncheon.

We also have built-in programs to help you elevate women such as our Career Development Series, job board in our newsletter, both of which offer priority spots to ElevateHER Challenge companies.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, companies that prioritize elevating women notice an increased ROI, higher retention rates and improved company moral.

When is the 2023 Luncheon?

Pencil in October 19, 2023 – details are coming soon!

Previous to the COVID-19 pandemic, we held an annual ElevateHER Challenge Luncheon each May. During this luncheon event, we offered recognition to new companies and great training for everyone. 

Aside from the commitment form, are there other requirements such as a Sponsorship?

Nope. WLI Sponsorship is not required. 

Throughout the year we do hold luncheons or trainings for our ElevateHER Challenge companies and those events require a registration fee, but we do our best to keep the fees affordable and just enough to cover our event expenses.

We also have three training programs for women, our highly acclaimed Career Development Series, our new Rising Leader Series, and our successful Political Development Series. Often an ElevateHER Challenge company will sponsor an employee into one of these programs but this is optional.

The Women’s Leadership Institute is a 501(c)3 and we do operate largely in part to our generous sponsors. If you ever do decide to sponsor our organization, it is always appreciated but never required.

Can you provide more detail on the responsibility or time commitment for the senior executive point person?

The time commitment with WLI is minimal. Occasionally we hold an optional morning training or brainstorm session with ideas on implementing the Challenge. We also would hope your executive would attend an annual luncheon, historically held in May. Most companies send an executive point person and/or an HR person to the luncheon to receive recognition.

WLI will also check-in with your point person every few months to see how you are doing and if you need additional support from us. 

The ElevateHER Challenge provides an opportunity to set goals and start conversations within your company. How much time your executive team puts into implementing goals within your organization is up to them. Any Challenge goals you set are not prescriptive.

We find companies with the most success incorporate the ElevateHER Challenge goals into their company culture and make these topics part of their ongoing conversations and decisions.

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