Meet Ben Capell

Managing Director, Peterson Ventures

Ben is the Managing Director at Peterson Ventures. He has been with Peterson Ventures since inception, raising over $90 million in capital, and investing in over 70 deals in his nearly 10 years of experience. Prior to joining Peterson Ventures, Ben was the first employee hired at an enterprise tech startup based in Northern Virginia where he was the product and business manager. Prior to his startup days, he spent several years at Charles River Associates, a leading global economic and business consulting firm headquartered in Boston. Ben received an MBA and a B.S. in Finance from Brigham Young University, where he was a Hawes Scholar.

Ben currently serves on the boards of Blyncsy, Entermedicare, MarketDial, Microbenefits, and has an observer seat on the boards of Chatbooks, Grow, DSCO, HireVue, and Therapydia.