Meet Tiffeny Yen-Louie

Managing Partner, R&R Utah Government & Public Affairs

Tiffeny is right in her element when it comes to fostering relationships and going the extra mile in building outreach opportunities. She has helped build brands for clients from the public and private sectors; led communication and public affairs initiatives spanning transportation, economic development, politics, and telecommunications; and managed the campaign development for four successful statewide candidate campaigns.

Over the past 16 years, Tiffeny has thrived within R&R’s dynamic business environment due to her versatility. She returned in January 2023 as managing partner of R&R Utah Government & Public Affairs after a year at World Trade Center Utah. A credit to the strategic value and leadership she brought to the organization, she will dually maintain her role as their chief marketing officer and managing director of partnerships.

Fluent in Mandarin as well as the language of travel and food, Tiffeny is always on the search for new adventures and restaurants. She keeps her suitcase half packed, primed for those short getaways or any extended travel itineraries. Her favorite cities include Cape Town, Prague and Maui. For Tiffeny, each of these cities hold an undeniable attraction – beautiful destinations with equally incredible places to eat.