WOW Alumni Network

The Women of WLI

Often when women graduate from our programs, they feel the loss of support and connection that they feel in our cohorts. 

We have created a program to keep the conversations going, with monthly, quarterly and yearly opportunities to engage. 

Alumni Benefits

We offer you the following benefits for hundreds of women who have graduated from our leadership programs. We want to continue our support of you and offer you continued growth opportunities. 

Leadership Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering at WLI, speaking on one of our panels or guiding an online workshop

Mentoring Program

Program graduates have the opportunity to mentor those in other WLI programs. If you are interested in being mentored or having a mentor, sign up here.

Program Discounts

If alumni want to enroll in an additional development program, we will offer a 10% discount.


Exclusive Newsletter

As the work of WLI changes and grows, we want to keep the conversation going with those who have gone through our program.

Recognition Breakfast

Yearly, we recognize women in our state who are making an impact in our state, either in the workplace, their communities or politics.

Quarterly Alumni Dinners

Once every quarter, we invite all alumni to meet in person. We will reserve a room at a local restaurant so we can catch up and get to know each other better.  Dates will be forthcoming.

Want more information? Contact us!

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