October 19, 2023

11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Lunch Included

Salt Lake Marriott Downtown City Creek

75 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101


Elevating women is proven to give your business a strategic advantage and increase your ROI. Join the Women’s Leadership Institute at our annual ElevateHER™ Challenge Luncheon and learn more about the next moves you can make to elevate women, support your future female leaders, and why it matters to your success.

In the game of chess, just as in business, the queen is the piece with the greatest ability to move across the board and influence the game if given the space and opportunity. Let’s create those opportunities

Join us as we celebrate your company’s efforts in the ElevateHER™ Challenge. Together we’ll hear real strategies business leaders are using to change company culture and gain a competitive advantage. 

Panelists Announced Soon!

To date, more than 320 visionary businesses and organizations have joined with WLI in a movement to elevate women. The ElevateHER™ Challenge is non-prescriptive and is adaptable to your own company’s culture and goals. Implementing the ElevateHER™ Challenge will enhance ROI, attract and retain talent, and improve employee morale.

If your company has not yet taken the ElevateHER™ Challenge, commit now and receive recognition at the luncheon in October.

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