Meet Peggy Larsen

Retired, Workers Compensation Fund Insurance

Peggy is retired from her role as Senior Vice President in charge of sales and marketing for the Workers Compensation Fund. Peggy was responsible for business retention, sales and development as well as the advertising and PR of WCF.

Peggy was with with WCF for the past 20 years where she has been involved in all areas of the advertising and marketing campaigns. She is also the President of Univantage Insurance Solutions, a Managing General Agency appointed by Lloyds of London.

Peggy recently published a book titled “Beyond My Wildest” which is a memoir of her life and is using the proceeds from the book to fund Amber Howen Foundation, a non profit in honor of her late daughter, Amber. She hopes to help single moms and young girls who are struggling.

Peggy is involved in various boards and volunteer organizations including the board of Utah Business Week, United Way , Utah Manufacturers Association, American Heart Association, and Sandy Chamber of Commerce and the Utah Trucking Association. Peggy also chaired the American Heart Association walk in 2013 and was awarded the Athena Award by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce in 2014.

Peggy is passionate about Illuminate and the message of empowering women. In her struggles to become part of a male dominated industry she has learned what it takes to become a leader. She believes that Illuminate is a wonderful venue and opportunity to help women become leaders and grow in their passions and careers. Women bring a wonderful balance of empathy and strength and they need positions in the workplace that allow them to demonstrate the strengths and help others.