Political Development Series

Be a change maker.

For you, Your kids, and your communities.

“As a two-term councilwoman in Logan, I had considered taking the next step of running for Mayor.  WLI provided advice and encouragement towards that goal.  Thanks to Pat and the WLI for their good work towards ensuring we have more women’s voices represented In government.”
Holly Daines

Mayor of Logan

“I loved participating in the Political Development Series. To me, it was a monthly dose of can-do and candor that I looked forward to every time. The other ladies inspired me and I feel more prepared to grow my political wings. Thank you WLI for providing this empowering opportunity!”

Jewel Allen

Grantsville City Council Member

“I was just thinking about how much the political development series helped me make the decision to run and then overcome some of the self-doubt that tends to plague us as women in the public arena. Your efforts made a significant difference for me and I’m sure for many others.”

Kelleen Potter

Former, Heber City Mayor

September 2024 – February 2025

3rd Tuesdays

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

One South Main Street, 18th Floor, SLC

September 17th | October 15th | November 19th | December 17th | January 21st | February 3rd (graduation)

$275.00 for over 18 hours of training, monthly meetings, and catered lunch 

Benefits of Our Program:

  • Associate with other women that care about their communities
  • Participate in discussing your goals, ideas, and hopes in a positive, respectful, and nonpartisan environment.
  • Learn the overview of what running for office might entail – including financially, socially, and emotionally.
  • Access experts monthly and get your questions answered about Utah’s policies.
  • Explore where to use your talents best politically, helping others, advocating, running for office, and managing others’ campaigns.
  • Visit the Utah Capitol during the legislative session and be acknowledged from both the House and Senate floors.

Most women want to help, participate, collaborate, and make a meaningful difference. They want to feel valued and heard. This is your chance to find your voice, your confidence and lean into what might be possible for you. Let us help you make a meaningful difference. 

 WLI’s Political Development Series Impact

PDS Participants Who Have Completed the Series

Participants Became Candidates - City, County, State, National


Candidates Who Win Their Races after Participating in PDS

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I'm Ready to Grow my Leadership Capacity

The next series begins in September 2024.

I'm Ready to Vote for Change

The next series begins in September 2024.

“The Political Development Series will inspire you and give you the courage and tools to run for office.  There is something wonderful about being in a room full of smart, engaged women from a variety of political backgrounds all interested in making our state better. 

The speakers were informative and dynamic, and the women I met were truly amazing.  I especially enjoyed the session on the nuts and bolts of running for office, and the panel discussions with women serving in various elected offices. 

I highly recommend this series to anyone interested in running for office or just being more involved with policy decisions in Utah.  Sign up — we need you!” 

Suzanne Harrison, Salt Lake County Council

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 Some of our PDS Alumni Who Have Run for Political Office