Last year, we hosted a standing room only event. It’s time to do it again. 

With women and men in the room, we showcased a variety of ways women can be leaders and the skills and competencies they bring to those positions.

We saw how leaders can all look different. Michelle Hansen Malie created Cookie Kitchen Bakery from her basement. Kristy Pike shared all the things she kept, despite losing her political race. Nicole Tanner popped the top off a can of soda right in front of us and shared her story of how a need turned into Swig, a million-dollar business. These women leaders were inspiring, noteworthy, and relatable. This year’s program will be just as inspiring.

 Come join us!



Speakers & Panelists

Organizing Committee

Cities Represented

Thurs, November 16th

From the research and perspective of a leading expert on gender intelligence, Barbara Annis, we will explore the commonalities and differences of men and women and what they each uniquely bring to leadership in Southern Utah communities.

This night will include a reception from 6:00 – 6:30, a presentation of current research, a panel and then an interactive discussion. This will be great for individuals but also teams seeking to work together whether in business or the community.

Speakers include:

Barbara Annis, CEO, Gender Intelligence Group

Jacki Zehner CEO & Founder ShePlace/SheMoney

Pat Jones CEO & Founder Women’s Leadership Institute

and Nina Barnes, former Cedar City Councilwomen and Utah Women Run Board Member.





Utah Tech University (SET) Building,

Room 106

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm




Friday, November 17th

Whether running for political office, heading up the local PTA or participating in the board room, there are many ways to lead – and women are needed in all of them.

This day focuses on showcasing a variety of ways to be a leader, so individuals can embrace leadership in ways that resonates with them. From panel discussions, to interactive audience conversations and individuals stories, this day is not to be missed.

Speakers include:

President Stacee Yardley McIff, Snow College

President Mindy Benson, Southern Utah University

Natalie Gochnour, Director of the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute

Maile Wilson-Edwards, former Mayor of Cedar City and Corporate Lawyer

Mayor Michelle Randall, St. George

and many more.

Utah Tech University,

Holland Building, Zions Room

8:30 am – 2:00 pm


From A Past Participants

“The Urgency of Women’s Leadership conference left me feeling validated and hopeful. What an amazing convening of power and warm heartedness!”

– Kristy Pike, Director, Washington County Children’s Justice Center


“I left the TUWL meeting last year excited by the amazing things women were doing in Southern Utah and with greater hope for our future. I built on the inspiration I found in the stories shared by the speakers to look for more opportunities to serve and lead in my community. I’ll return to the conference this year, having built stronger relationship and ready to be inspiried again. “

– Jamie Shaw, Director of Operations at EKS/Sportfive/CGFP

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