This election cycle is one for the books. We have never elected a woman for the U.S. Senate and this time around, we have multiple women running for that office. No matter your political persuasion, this is cause for celebration!  Additionally, we have many women running for state and local offices, who are currently campaigning. Running for office is no easy task, so we wanted to share 5 easy tips to show how you can help these women. 

Support candidates monetarily – campaigns can be expensive and women notoriously are hard on themselves when they are asking for money. So, give up your latte or lunch for a week and Venmo their campaign $5.00, $25.00 or $100.00.

Help candidates spread the word – canvas for them, share a post or put a sign in your yard – take an hour, gather your friends or family and canvas a neighborhood for them.  In order to practice safety, canvas with someone else and go before dusk.  And of course, never knock-on doors or go into places where you feel uncomfortable. If you aren’t into canvassing, share the candidate’s social media posts or offer to put a sign in your yard to bring awareness to their campaign.

Register yourself to vote and encourage others to as well – while this seems like it goes without saying, if you truly want to support the candidates, than vote for them. Many races are won or lost by a handful of votes, truly. We have heard multiple times from our candidates in our Political Development Series that races can be very close. Please participate in democracy, engage in the system and vote.

Share beneficials connections – maybe you don’t have time to canvas a neighborhood but you know a really good printer at a good price point so a candidate can print yard signs or you have connections to host some town hall discussions with the candidate or other connections that might be helpful. Perhaps you can make some important introductions for the candidate to funders or influencers in the community. Reach out and offer. Even if it is not a resource the candidate needs, your help and effort will be appreciated.  

Send them a thank you note whether they win or lose –   Share encouragement with the candidate. Women often stop their political aspirations if they hit a bump or lose a race or encounter conflict.  They are often judged on what they wear, how their hair looks, how their kids behave, and many other items not related to their policy or political know-how. Encouragement for engaging in the process is so meaningful. You can simply write them and say thank you for running.

Running for office is building leadership capacity in the women who undertake the challenge. We applaud them for their efforts – win or lose. This political cycle, we challenge you to notice the women running in the political races. Notice them and support them. 

If you know of women in the state who are running for office, please let us know. We would love to encourage them as well. Send info to