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Elevating Women

Inspiring Organizational Change

ElevateHER™ Challenge

 Research-based, nonprescriptive, and successfully implemented by hundred of Utah companies.  This corporate challenge focuses on six principles to initiate positive organizational change. 


Career Development Series

Cohort style learning with monthly sessions led by industry experts. Women learn to level up their leadership, teach their teams and network with various industries leaders.


Political Development Series

Nonpartisan, interactive monthly sessions  empower women to  have a political voice and to create meaningful change within their homes, communities and state. 


Rising leader Series

Intimate, dynamic gathering of women looking to lean into their next step in leadership. Designed to be hands on, these monthly cohorts focus on building and practicing leadership skills. 


We help companies, especially executive leadership, understand the value and vitality of gender diversity.

Through our ElevateHer Corporate Challenge and leadership development cohorts, we empower companies and women to direct their leadership abilities and commit to positive and proactive change.

These changes might include:

*Decreasing or eliminating the wage gap in their company.

*Providing a promotion path toward senior leadership for qualified women.

*Understanding unconscious bias and its impact on men and women in the workforce.

*Allowing gender diversity on corporate boards.

5 Steps to Encourage Leaders to Elevate Women

The Women’s Leadership Institute's mission is to elevate the talents of women in business and politics. We work to shift companies’ mindsets to understand better the impact of elevating women through the business talent pipeline. Again and again, we have found...

Michelle Obama

Leadership Series: A Student's Perspective                  A leader I admire is Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States. Michelle grew up in a blue-collar home in Chicago and went to Princeton for her...

Senator Maize Hirono

Senator Hirono was born in Japan and moved to the United States at eight with her mother and brother. Upon coming here, they often struggled and lived in poverty (Mickey et al., 2022). Senator Hirono overcame many challenges, and on January 3, 2013, she became the...

2023 Diversity and Inclusion Cultural Calendar

What is a Cultural Calendar? A cultural calendar, or a diversity and inclusion calendar, is an essential tool for knowing the historical, cultural, and religious events of diverse groups. It provides annual dates and information for commemorations, celebrations,...

How to start an Employee Resource Group

“After several decades, ERGs are still an effective strategy to help all employees feel a sense of equity and belonging at their workplace. The most effective employee resource group programs often have a few attributes in common” –ForbesEmployee resource groups are a...

A. Scott Anderson and over 60 organizations honored for exceptional commitment to promote and elevate women in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (October 14, 2022) — Yesterday the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) honored A. Scott Anderson, President and CEO, Zions Bank, with the inaugural Women’s Leadership Institute A. Scott Anderson Ally Award, also naming the award after him.  Anderson was...

Boosting women in leadership boosts the bottomline in business.

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