Updated April 5, 2018

The Salt Lake County (SLCO) Mayor’s Office is currently seeking applicants for the SLCO Boards and Commissions listed below. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please pass the word along. Here at WLI, we are particularly interested in seeing more women on boards.

Interested applicants can reach Anna Vukin-Chow at 385-468-7031 or avukin-chow@slco.org. Additional information and a link to an online application are available on the SLCO Boards and Commissions website: https://slco.org/mayor/boards/

Board Name: Behavioral Health Services Advisory Council (BHSAC)
Notes: This Council acts in an advisory capacity to the Salt Lake County Division of Behavioral Health on matters related to the planning and allocation of mental health and substance abuse resources in the County and to the allocation of all public funds available for that purpose. The BHSAC advises the Division on mental health and substance abuse needs, trends and activities related to mental health and substance abuse services.

Board Name: Clark Planetarium Advisory Board
Notes: The Clark Planetarium Advisory Board gives advice to the director of the Planetarium and the Mayor on the management, programs, budget, acquisitions, focus, and marketing for the planetarium.

Board Name: Cultural Facilities Support Program Advisory Board
Notes: The Cultural Facilities Support Program Advisory Board advises Salt Lake County on issues related to the Cultural Facilities Support Program (CFSP). By applying to the CFSP, organizations related to arts and culture can request matching financial support for projects such as new construction, renovation of existing facilities for artistic creation-operation and/or for the patron experience, equipment or the study of an arts or cultural facility. Members of the Advisory Board review applications, assess the demonstrated community need, and make recommendations to the Mayor on projects and funding amounts. Residents living in County Council Districts 2 and 4 are especially encouraged to apply.

Board Name: Dimple Dell Park Advisory Board
Notes: This advisory board makes recommendations regarding the planning, development, use, and protection of Dimple Dell Regional Park in Sandy.

Board Name: Salt Lake County Bicycle Advisory Committee
Notes: The Salt Lake County Bicycle Advisory Committee (SLCBAC) promotes biking and walking as fun and healthy travel options for people of all ages and abilities. SLCBAC’s efforts help to advance the implementation of active transportation initiatives in Salt Lake County. Everyone is welcome to apply, especially individuals living in the southwest area of Salt Lake County.

Board Name: Salt Lake County Board of Health
Notes: The Salt Lake County Board of Health is currently seeking two members: a licensed dentist, and a representative from a business in Salt Lake County that is regulated by the Health Department (see below for examples of regulated businesses). The Board of Health is responsible for determining general public health policies and may adopt and enforce rules, regulations, and standards within Salt Lake County.  An applicant must be a Salt Lake County resident to be considered.

Examples of Health Department regulated business are as follows: Food establishments, mobile food trucks, swimming pools, body art (tattoo/piercing) facilities, cosmetology facilities, lodging (hotel/motel), massage facilities, tanning facilities, recycling facilities, and vehicle emissions testing centers.