“So much good is happening to fix workplaces right now. Let’s make sure it does not have the unintended consequence of holding women back.” – Sheryl Sandberg

We realize that with the recent spotlight on sexual harassment misconduct in the workplace, many people – particularly men – are ever more hesitant to mentor, even meet with women, for fear of seeming inappropriate.

WLI is committed to keep this issue in the forefront and hope to keep our dialogue positive as we work together for transformational change. We found an article on LinkedIn and thought it might be helpful for you or your organization.

Staci McIntosh is the VP for Human Resources at New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s also an author and has 18 years of Human Resources executive/management experience. Her LinkedIn article “10 Ways to Mentor Safely: Despite Sexual Harassment Scandals” offers 10 actions to help you succeed as a mentor and eliminate the perception that you, or the employees you’re mentoring, are leveraging sexual privilege.

Click here to read Ms. McIntosh’s full article on LinkedIn.

Read "10 Ways to Mentor Safely: Despite Sexual Harassment Scandals"