The Women’s Leadership Institute’s Political Development Series ended in February, and many women who participated in this bi-partisan 6-month training program have hit the ground running.

“I am using my skills from the Women’s Leadership Institute EVERYDAY in this campaign. It’s scary and intense, but I have tools, a platform, and a reason,” said Jill Fellow, who is running for Summit County Council.

We are seeing women all over the state choosing to run for office, not just graduates of the Political Development Series.The filing deadline for the 2020 election was March 19, and over 100 women are running for federal or statewide office in Utah. Nine women have filed to run for Congress, five women are running for Governor or Lieutenant Governor, 13 women are running for State Senate, 75 women are running for the State House, and many more are running for District, City, and County positions.  

Many of these women took their families with them to file, already taking their place as role models for the next generation. CLICK HERE to see pictures from many of them on our Instagram Page.

Some of WLI’s Political Development Series Graduates running for office include:

  • Catherine Eslinger – House District 59
  • Christine Heath – House District 60
  • Clare Collard – House District 22
  • Cindy Bulloch – Iron County Commission, Seat C
  • Emily Barnes – Senate District 6
  • Jennifer Fresques – Salt Lake Count Assessor
  • Jill Fellow – Summit County Council
  • Katy Hubler – Senate District 19
  • Lisa Bagley – House District
  • Lynette Wendel – House District 39
  • Ofa Matagi – House District 33
  • Wendy Davis – House District 45

Are you feeling inspired by these women? Will you be the next woman to run for office? The next Political Development Series will open in September of 2020. Registration and additional information are available at  

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The next Political Development Series begins in September 2020.