The Road Home, Salt Lake Community Shelter and Self Sufficiency Center, is looking to add members to its Board Committees. Board Committees usually meet monthly and is generally the pool of candidates The Road Home draws from when filling its vacant Board positions. The Road Home specifically reached out to WLI because they are trying to strengthen the pipeline of women as potential Board members. Each year The Road Home elects a minimum of three new Board members, with their term starting in March.

Committee options are as follows:

Administration Committee Personnel and administrative policies; investments; general financial oversight and review of overall budget; evaluation of Executive Director. Develops global budget for The Road Home based upon prioritized services. Evaluates salary range for each Road Home position based upon rational income expectations. Consider additional benefits, e.g., retirement, and non-monetary methods to enhance employee morale. This committee also serves as the Audit Committee for The Road Home.

Development Committee Public and private fund raising; oversight of the Road Home fund raising events; donation policies (including personal property). Raises funds for priority services based upon budget that prioritizes services. Coordinates capital campaign. Marketing; media relations; lobbying; newsletter oversight; volunteer program. Communicates the value of our work to the public and prospective funding sources. Helps establish the Road Home community partnership.
Membership Committee Recruit and nominate people for membership on the Board of Trustees and board committees.
Government Affairs Committee Monitors fund availability from Federal, State, City and County resources. Communicates with these public funding sources about the need for funding to provide services to the homeless population. Tracks legislation that impacts services to the homeless and provides appropriate information to policy makers. Participates as appropriate in the development of funding and legislative strategies.
Services Committee The Services Committee interacts directly with residents by providing events and activities which help to encourage social skills. The committee has numerous sub-committees which focus on specific events and activities, i.e., luncheons for residents, monthly Bingo Nights at various facilities and donation drives to bring in much needed items to the shelter residents. A very important contribution from the committee is helping residents move from shelter into transitional housing. Members also outreach by participating in speaking engagements to various organizations, churches, etc. within our community.
And a new committee is the Public Relations Committee.
If you are interested in volunteering on one of these committees, please contact Chris Acton, President of the Board of Trustees. Email is and phone number is 801-831-4590.