The Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) is dedicated to building a strong leadership pipeline for women in both business and politics. Through education and engagement, WLI strives to empower women and create opportunities for their advancement in these fields.

As a business-led not-for-profit organization, WLI collaborates with Utah’s business leaders to drive positive change and elevate the stature of women in various leadership roles. WLI offers several programs and initiatives to support this mission, including:

  1. ElevateHER™ Challenge: The ElevateHER™ Challenge encourages companies to commit to hiring, retaining, and promoting women, thereby fostering gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By engaging Utah’s business leaders through this challenge, WLI aims to shift company cultures and promote gender equality in business and boardrooms.
  2. Political Development Series: WLI’s Political Development Series focuses on empowering women in politics. This program provides education, resources, and networking opportunities to support women in their political aspirations. By equipping women with the necessary skills and knowledge, WLI aims to increase their representation and influence in political spheres.
  3. Career Development Series: The Career Development Series offered by WLI is designed to enhance the professional growth and leadership capabilities of women in business. Through a specialized curriculum, mentorship, and networking opportunities, this series equips women with the tools and support needed to maximize their career potential.
  4. Rising Leader Series: The Rising Leader Series targets emerging female leaders and provides them with the guidance, skills, and mentorship necessary to excel in their careers. This program fosters the development of the next generation of women leaders by offering tailored resources and opportunities for growth.

By offering these programs and initiatives, WLI strives to create a comprehensive and impactful approach to women’s leadership development. Through education, engagement, and collaboration with business leaders, WLI aims to build a strong leadership pipeline for women in both business and politics, thereby promoting gender equality and empowering women to reach their full potential.