Monitor pay by gender and close identified gaps.

"Best Practices Guide for Closing the Gender Wage Gap"

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Gender Inequality in Athletics: International Ski Jumping

Paige Jones, 18, is a competitive ski jumper who competes through FIS, the international ski association for both men and women. Paige has been ski jumping for nine years, balancing school and athletics seamlessly. At the age of 15, she worked her way up...

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Five Easy Fixes For Gender-Friendly Job Posts

Is your company struggling to attract female applicants for an open position? Your job posting could be to blame. Studies show, men apply for a job when they feel they meet only 60% of the qualifications. However, women apply only if they believe they meet 100% of the...

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P3 Conference: ideas for wage gap improvements

Last week WLI facilitated two breakout sessions on Gender Pay Equality for P3 Utah's 8th Annual 2018 Sustainability Conference, challenging entrepreneurs to build a more sustainable business. In each session, WLI offered five best practices businesses can practice for...

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