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The ElevateHER™ Challenge is non-prescriptive and adaptable to your own company’s culture and goals. There is no cost to your organization by accepting the Challenge, but you will see rewards. Implementing the ElevateHER™ Challenge will enhance ROI, attract and retain talent, and improve employee morale.

By choosing to accept the ElevateHER™ Challenge, your organization pledges to elevate the stature of women’s leadership. Each organization may adapt its own policies within its unique structure to meet the commitments.

5 Steps to Start Your ElevateHER Challenge Rollout…

1. Tell Your Team

Some companies roll out the ElevateHER™ Challenge from the C-suite down. Others begin their ElevateHER™ Challenge initiative with their DEI team. Either approach can be successful with a unified effort. We recommend one of your first steps include bringing all company employees along for the journey. Company morale will improve when each employee feels seen and valued.

Here are a few ideas:

1.  Make a staff meeting announcement of the new initiative and pass out these flyers about the six pillars of the ElevateHER Challenge.

2. Hold a Kick-off Training event for your team. The WLI team may be available to speak. 

3. Create your own training using our Best Practices Toolkits.

4. Share information about your ElevateHER™ Challenge goals with your board of directors.


2. Tell Your Customers

Companies who value gender diversity see a positive return on investment. Let’s get the word out!

We’ve provided a Media Kit with sample text, templates and photographs you can use. And you can reach out at any time if you need help.

1. Make an announcement about your commitment to the ElevateHER™ Challenge in your company newsletter.

2. Write a blog post about the first area your company wants to focus on.

3. Issue a Press Release.

3. Stock Your Office

1. Post printed materials in the break rooms.

2. Coming soon!! Order SWAG for employees so they know this initiative matters to you. Plus, proceeds from any sales go back to WLI, a 501(c)3.

4. Start an ElevateHER™ Challenge Advisory Group

Maybe the individuals in your company who’ve committed to gender diversity, have already outlined your next few steps to reach your goals. If not, starting an advisory group may help.

Here are some tips to make sure any DEI advisory group is successful:

1. Have a senior-level executive in your group. It’s important people know you are serious about improvement.

2. Make sure your group is diverse – even including men. It’s absolutely important to understand the female perspective of your employees. But we value diversity of thought (that’s everyone). And we believe men are allies in change. Because you are focusing on gender diversity in your workplace and how best to move forward, we recommend including men and women from different backgrounds in your advisory group.

5. Stay Connected with WLI

We can’t wait to hear about your successes!

  1. Follow us on social media
  2. Attend the next roundtable brainstorm event to share and learn from other companies committed to elevating women.
  3. Attend the next ElevateHER™ Challenge Luncheon and receive your recognition. The next Northern Utah luncheon will be October 19, 2023.

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